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SpectraLine software package has been developed for spectrometry measurements and processing of linear spectra, typical for gamma and alpha spectrometry. Spectra processing procedures include calibration, peaks parameters determination, radionuclides identification.
Version: 1.7.12244
Update date: 12-07-2024
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10, Astra Linux (Wine)
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(EXE, 82 MB)
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  • new configurations creation and loading of the existing, the loaded configurations duplication and renaming, parameters of the selected configurations setting, the selected configurations hiding and showing of the hidden, deleting of the selected configurations from the configurations list and from the hard disk drive;
  • energy, FWHM , peak form and apparatus peak calibration;
  • spectra processing, searching of informative intervals around peaks (spectra marking), peaks position determination (search), approximation of informative intervals using model function and peaks parameters determination (fitting), registration of channels and peaks background, spectra comparison;
  • using of scenarios (sequences of the processing operations saved in a special format);
  • zones selection, splitting and merging, fitting in the zone, zones parameters viewing, updating and saving;
  • adding and deleting of peaks, peaks parameters viewing;
  • analyzer start and stop, viewing of analyzer's state information, additional stop conditions, data copying into the spectrum window, data loading to analyzer, analyzer window cleaning;
  • external user programs running to transfer peaks search results for continuous processing.
SpectraLine is a free program. It involves main possibilities of SpectraLine software package. It doesn't support spectra database and activity calculation methods.

State Registration:
SpectraLine software package has been registered in the Register of U.S. Copyright office.

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