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SpectraLineADA (Alpha Decay Analysis) has been developed for alpha-spectrometric analysis with spectrometers on the base of both semiconductor detectors and ionization chambers
SpectraLineADA is a part of SpectraLine 1.7 and supports all service and functional capabilities of this software package.

Version: 1.7.11937
Update date: 15-04-2024
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10, Astra Linux (Wine)
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(EXE, 175 MB)
(PDF, 740 KB)
The main features:
  • processing of alpha spectra of both "thin" and "thick" sources;
  • account for thin structure of alpha spectra, parametrical description of the shape of the peak;
  • account for contribution of conversion electrons; it is required if the ratio of detectors parameters to the distance between source and detector is small;
  • detection efficiency calculation;
  • activity calculation by the inserted label; it allows to take into account the a priori information for results specification;
  • calculation of the radiochemical yield (radiochemical yield is calculated as the ratio between the amount of the nuclide material in the measured sample and the amount of this nuclide material, added to the probe);
  • quality assurance system;
  • measurements log.
The demonstration configuration and calibration scenario are included in SpectraLineADA installation package

Sate Registration:
SpectraLine software package has been registered in the Register of U.S. Copyright office.

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