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SpectraLine Expert System

SpectraLine Expert System
Organization of distributed expert system for measurements and results analysis
Update date: 10-10-2019
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10
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SpectraLine Expert System

Two or more computers with the installed software of SpectraLineXX package connected to a local or global computer network can be joined in one expert system.

SpectraLine software is installed in the Administrator mode in expert PC for that. The folders with settings of all operator spectrometers are located here. Operator's work station is a spectrometer on the basis of the tablet or PC with SpectraLine software in the Operator mode.

The spectrum measured by operator is sent in special format via e-mail to the expert PC for the detailed analysis, for example if the dangerous radionuclides such as nuclear materials are revealed.

The software application is installed on the expert PC. The spectra sent from operators are received by it and transferred to SpectraLine. It connects to the e-mail address and checks it for the e-mails in this special format. Spectra are processed on the expert PC with the same parameters as on the operators PC.

Download the presentation of SpectraLine expert system.

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