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Diogen III software package has been developed for radioactive waste monitoring using inventory systems with arbitrary number of measurement channels, including inventory system of SKG-02-03 type for non-return shielding containers.
Version: 3.3.0
Update date: 17-05-2014
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8
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(PDF, 891 KB)
  • software control of the inventory system;
  • flexible management of spectrometric channels operation that enables to set up any number of sensors;
  • authorized multi-level access to the system functions;
  • measurement of the sample mass;
  • obtaining spectrometric and doze information;
  • database with information about previous measurements;
  • remote access to the database with measurement results;
  • calibration of detecting blocks by energy, FWHM and detection efficiency;
  • scenarios using as an alternative to main functions of Operator and Administrator mode;
  • scenarios using for peaks search, energy calibration, subcalibration, FWHM calibration and activity calculation;
  • simultaneous processing of several spectra using SpectraLine algorithms;
  • radionuclides identification and calculation of the sample specific activity;
  • integration with EffMaker software for detection efficiency calculation of the radiation source in different positions in accordance with the measurement scheme;
  • automatic classification of samples in accordance with the specific activity categories;
  • reports generating with measurement results;
  • bilingual (Russian and English) GUI.
Operating mode
The program can work in two main modes: Administrator and Operator.
Operator mode is intended for samples and background measuring, correction of energy calibration. This mode is also used for measurement of radioactive waste monitoring operations.
The system setting and configuration, selection of tracts and calibration are accomplished in the Administrator mode.
Remote working with samples database is provided. This mode is available in DiogenClient which is the simplified form of Diogen.

Spectrometry channels operations
Diogen software package supports:
  • addition of any number of measurement channels with setting parameters;
  • addition of the tract based on SpectraLine configuration;
  • tract selection for measurement, saving of tract parameters and changes history.
Independent and joint spectra processing
In the case of nonuniform activity distribution in a sample's volume the method of joint spectra processing can be used. This method consists in joint processing of a group of spectra that are measured in different positions. Such approach gives exact result and detailed information about activity distribution inside the sample.

Category determination of radioactive waste
The sample categorization is performed in correspondence with the Sanitary Regulations on Handling Radioactive Waste 2002 and Basic Sanitary Regulations of Radiation Safety 2010.

State Registration:
Diogen software was registered in the State Register of computer programs on the 28th of May 2014.

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